Chewing Gum Removal SEATTLE

We offer pressure washing services throughout Seattle and the surrounding areas. Our pressure washing experts can remove chewing gum from various surfaces. If you're a business owner who notices there's always gum on the surfaces near, around or even inside your premise, then you'll want to give us a call. 

Chewing Gum Removal In Seattle

Chewing gum is a major problem for many businesses, especially in Seattle in the surrounding areas. The truth is there are a lot of people who chew gum and simply litter it wherever they are. In many instances, they spit the gum out near businesses or right in front of businesses

gum removal

The problem with chewing gum is it sticks to just about any surface and it is incredibly difficult to remove. Business owners and property managers have to deal with chewing gum on a regular basis, and it's a nuisance because it leaves stains that are dark and very difficult to remove.

One of the worst types of chewing gums to deal with is black gum, due to it being a major eyesore and sometimes it can become so sticky that it creates an issue for people who are walking in the area. 

Where We Remove Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can find its way into an array of spaces, surfaces and areas. As long as you serve customers or there are people who are in the area, the chances are you'll find chewing gum in various places. With that said, a few of the most common places we remove gum from are: 

Retail Shops

The sad truth is there are a lot of people who'll spit their gum out while shopping inside retail stores. They may spit it out just before they go inside. It doesn't matter where you find gum, we are capable of removing it. 


Are you finding gum inside your restaurant, such as in waiting areas or under tables? Is there gum near the entrance of your restaurant? You can count on us to use our quality equipment to remove it. 

Parking Garages & Lots

Parking garages and parking lots throughout Seattle are very busy. If your parking lot or parking garage is used regularly, then you likely know how hard it is to remove chewing gum. Removing gum from concrete surfaces can be challenging, but we can take care it for you.

Grocery Stores

Let's face it, kids sometimes will spit their gum out as they're grocery shopping with their parents. If you run a grocery store, then it's important to make sure gum isn't on the floors. This can create a potential safety hazard. 

Those are only a few places where we remove chewing gum. It doesn't matter what type of property you own or manage in Seattle, we can remove chewing gum from it. Our team of pressure washing experts are standing by to remove gum from your property.  

Request An Estimate

You can request a free estimate from us today. We use high-quality pressure washing equipment and our team possesses the experience required to thoroughly remove chewing gum.

After we have finished the job, the area that has been washed will be free of gum and will be more appealing to look at, as well as provide people with a cleaner and safer surface to walk on. 

If you're a property manager or business owner who needs chewing gum removed from their property, then contact us today. We have a team of experts and high-quality pressure washing equipment to remove chewing gum, regardless of the type of gum. We will work hard to ensure it is completely removed.

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