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A sidewalk is an area that often runs by the side of a road, and is separated from it by a curb or other construction so that it cannot be used by vehicles. Sidewalks will in most cases be subject to foot traffic that can cause it to get dirty and thus require the sidewalk to be cleaned. You may also find sidewalks in properties with long driveways and these often also work to create a clear separation of the road from garden and landscaped areas. 

The use of these sidewalks can lead to their collecting dirt and soil from garden areas that have been watered and then walked on. Sidewalks in most cases are made of concrete, though use can also be made of pavers or stones. These are surfaces that will be affected by mold and mildew and the weather, and can ultimately appear gray or black and patchy.

This is when the sidewalk needs to be cleaned. Sidewalks are also vulnerable to grease spots, discarded gum and spilled drinks and other forms of accumulations. They then become an area that may not be a safe place for children to play and run on. 

Before taking up the cleaning of a sidewalk it is important to clear the areas surrounding it of all pots and plants that can get damaged from the cleaning activities. Flowerbeds are often at the side of sidewalks and also need to be protected.

Start your cleaning activity with sweeping the entire sidewalk of all loose dirt and other debris that has accumulated on it, after you have cleared the entire area of any things that can be damaged by water.

Pressure washing is one of the best methods for cleaning sidewalks and can do this job quickly and efficiently. While you can always get in a pressure washing company to do the cleaning, it is also possible to rent power washers for carrying out the work on your own. It is essential that you understand the working of the power washer, its controls and settings, its capacity and other things.

Ask for a full demonstration of the power washer unit before you sign the rental agreement and take the washer to your home for cleaning the sidewalk. Proper advice on the nozzles and pressures to be used can also be useful. You also need to equip yourself with proper protection, such as gloves and goggles. 

After you have done the preparatory work of removing all loose debris and dirt, you can take some time to make the surrounding areas of the sidewalk damp so that any vegetation and shrubs suffer less damage.

If you have hired a power washer and have never used one before, test the equipment on a small patch of the sidewalk to see the effectiveness of its working. You should be able to spot a definite difference in the way the cleaned patch looks in comparison with the rest of the yet to be cleaned sidewalk.   

Pressures used must be at least 1000 psi, and higher pressures can be used for stubborn stains. Alternatively, if you are prepared to get down to doing a little hard work, tackle the stains before the power washing and scrub and clean them with the proper detergents.

You can also add detergent to the tank of the power washer and if you're doing this, allow the detergent some time, at least 10 or 15 minutes, before you rinse it off. Nozzles must be kept at a proper distance from the sidewalk, and the spray should be able to spread properly with the correct nozzle. A minimum distance of 1 to 2 feet should suffice for pressures 2000 psi or less. A nozzle which gives a very concentrated jet of water can damage concrete, and you must be careful with the nozzle used.  

Instead of washing the entire sidewalk at one time, it is best that you concentrate on one section at a time, fully washing it with detergent, removing stains and then rinsing it, before you move on to the next section. You should be able to see a clear difference between the sections washed and those that await washing, and this can in itself be a motive for doing a proper job.

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