What to Know About The Parks in Seattle

With such a splendid abundance of beautiful parkland, it is no wonder that Seattle is often referred to as the Emerald City. There is a wealth of beautiful spacious parkland right in the city, which means those in the area never have to travel very long to see the natural beauty of the American Northwest.

Here is a small sample of the beauty of the many parks you can find in Seattle!

Discovery Park

At 534 acres, Discovery Park is the largest of the Seattle parks and offers meadows, forests, tidal baches and much more to enjoy and explore. From its perfect vantage point on Magnolia Bluff, Discovery Park offers the most spectacular views of the Puget Sound and The Olympic and Cascade mountains. On a clear day, visitors to the beach front at Discovery Park will enjoy spectacular views of Mt. Rainier.

Gas Works Park

There is something off-worldly about the industrial structures of the former gasification plant looming above Lake Union’s blue waters filled with boats, kayaks and paddles boards — hardly a better place for drinking in the splendor of the Seattle skyline. You will be interested to note that this beautiful park was featured in the 1999 movie, 10 Things I Hate About You.

Green Lake Park

Located at the heart of Green Neighborhood, Green Lake Park offers a vibrant sanctuary for plants, humans and other animals to commune in pristine surroundings. There are squirrels, raccoons, fish, turtles and many varieties of birds. Get a good view of them all as you make your way around 2.8 miles that loop around the lake.

There are cafes and a large variety of restaurants that line the streets and make perfectly pleasant spots to sit and enjoy a tasty meal or even grab some food and savor as you delight in the sights and sounds all around.

Lincoln Park

There is plenty to see and explore along the 3.9 miles of bike trails and 4.6 miles of walking trails that snake their way through Lincoln Park’s diverse landscapes. There are forested trails and expansive views across the waves at the water’s edge. If you don’t feel much like walking, you could even choose a comfortable spot and enjoy the majesty of the ferries coming in and out of Fauntleroy Terminal.

It is important to point out here that the West Seattle Bridge has been closed, alternate routes are marked with detour signs.

Seward Park

You have unlimited access to 300 acres of forest land all within the Seattle City Limits when you visit Seward Park. You can explore bike and walking paths along coastlines or through old growth forests. You can choose to enjoy a beautiful exterior experience of the park by taking a kayak or paddleboard around it. Be sure to drop anchor around the northwest side of the park at Andrews Bay.

Volunteer Park

If you have an eye for architecture, you will especially enjoy the many fine examples at Volunteer Park Conservatory. You can also find more fascinating exhibits at the Asian Art Museum which has been recently renovated. There are pathways and open lawns to guide you across this historically significant park.

If you visit in the summer, the vast array of dahlias is impossible to miss. As a perfect complement to your trip through Volunteer Park, be sure to visit the Capitol Hill Neighborhood and the Colonial Revival Mansion which was constructed in 1909.

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